Who We Are

We are fascinated by functional and timeless designs. We are observers of people and create pieces that meld seamlessly with their lives. We adhere to an aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. 

Crafted to weather through time, we want each piece to grow and be useful for you.  In the age of fast fashion and culture of here today, gone tomorrow, we stand for minimalism and essentialism. 

Borne through the grace of God, our company seeks to give back to the community and be a conduit of blessing to families in need.

Our work and products adhere to our 4 brand philosophies.  

Modern Classic

Each product was designed to meld seamlessly with your lifestyle and can be used as an everyday carry for all your tools to lead your life.  The design is deceptively simple on the outside, but filled with great thought and attention to detail on the inside.

Made to Measure

Is a term for tailor-fitted and custom-made. Our designs are based on observing how people go about their lives and the things they need to bring daily. Each piece is then designed to exact measurements to ensure slots and pockets are multi-use for different lifestyles. 

Enriching Local Craft

We are firm believers of local craftsmanship and our goal is to enrich these local industries and compete on a global stage.  Local industry also ensures families do not need to be separated for work abroad. 

Heart for Families

We believe families are the foundation of society and promoting its solidarity and values ensure a cohesive and collaborative nation.  A portion of our sales go directly to supporting causes to directly benefit the lives of families in the country. 




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